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Toddler Bathtime Opportunities

toddler bathtime opportunities

Toddler Bathtime

Playing in the bath with your toddler and providing them with lots of props like jugs, cups and books boosts their learning and nurtures their bond with you.

How to Make Bathtime Fun

An everyday ritual can become more powerful when you think about all that your baby is experiencing.

Your toddler develops self-confidence when they can take care of themselves and when they figure out things like how to pop the bubbles. Their thinking skills are boosted as they use their imagination while playing pretend, and when they make connections between what they see in books and their own “real” life. They build language skills and the muscles in their fingers and hands when they turn the pages of the book and learn new words as you read together.

Social-Emotional Development :

What you can do What your child is learning
Ask your toddler if they would like to try washing themselves. That they can take care of themselves and that they are a good helper.
Delight in your toddler’s discoveries and accomplishments. Let them know what a good job they are doing, for example, cleaning and taking care of their ducky. That they are important and capable.
Help them cope with transitions by giving them notice before bathtime ends and letting them take a favourite toy with them. That their feelings are important and that you will help them manage difficult situations.

Language and Thinking Skills :

What you can do What your child is learning
Explore bath books together. Invite them to point to familiar objects. Show them the connection between what they see in the book and things in the “real” world. New words and to love books and reading, anytime, anywhere.
Talk with your toddler about what you are doing together during bathtime. Ask them questions: Is the rubber duck thirsty? Does ducky need to get washed? That they are a good communicator. That they can develop their own ideas.
Help your toddler become a good problem-solver; for example, by guiding them in how to soap up the sponge or find the page they are looking for in their book. That they can tackle the challenges they face.

Physical Development :

What you can do What your child is learning
Offer your toddler lots of different safe objects to explore in the bath. How to use their fingers and hands to make things work, such as grasping the jug firmly and dunking it in the water before pouring.
Notice the way they use their body to make things happen, like popping the bath bubbles. That they have a good, strong, body that can do so many great things. This builds positive self-esteem.

Remember, part of keeping bathtime fun is making sure your toddler is safe. NEVER leave a toddler alone in the bath. Not even for a second. So gather all the things you will need for the bath beforehand and let the phone go to voicemail.

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