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The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one, and to help you prepare for parenthood. Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

In this guide:

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a celebration to mark the impending birth of a baby. It’s a way for friends and family to come together and ‘shower’ parents-to-be with essential items and gifts.

They can be flashy affairs with lots of baby shower activities and games, or they can be much more low-key and intimate. It’s all about finding a celebration that works best for you.

When do you have a baby shower?

Baby showers typically happen around four to six weeks before the due date. This is timed so you know that the pregnancy is running smoothly, and the shower won’t be interrupted by the arrival of the baby. However, some people prefer to have a baby shower after delivery. That way, the baby can attend too.

The baby shower should also be held at a time that is convenient for the parents-to-be, with close family and friends available to attend. So, checking peoples’ calendars in advance is essential.

Who organises a baby shower?

Typically, a close friend or family member of the parents-to-be will organise and host the baby shower. However, co-workers or other loved ones can host the party too.

Ultimately, the host is responsible for taking care of everything, from setting the date to securing a location. All this means that the expecting parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy being celebrated. That said, if the parents-to-be wish to organise their own baby shower, then that’s fine too. After all, there are no rules when it comes to planning a baby shower.

How to plan a baby shower

As the host of the baby shower, you’ll have a lot to think about. But, if you take the parents’ wishes into consideration and stay organised, planning a baby shower can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. So, grab your notebook and get ready to plan the ultimate baby shower with our step-by-step checklist.

1. Decide your budget

Some people pay for the baby shower themselves, while others ask friends and family to help. It’s important to remember that a baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s possible to throw a memorable baby shower on a budget. You shouldn’t feel pressured into spending more than you can afford.

Once you’ve decided how much money there is to spend, you can begin to map out a plan, including budgets for food and drink and decorations.

2. Find a location

Baby showers are often held at home, but other popular baby shower venues include restaurants, cafes, hotels, and event spaces. You can even host a baby shower outdoors, in your local park or at the beach, if weather permits.

The location will also determine how many people you can invite (you’ll need to see how many people will fit in the space) and whether it will be a casual or more formal affair.

3. Choose a theme

Once you’ve checked the basics off your list, it’s time for the fun part – choosing a baby shower theme. While it’s not essential, a theme can help tie everything together, from the invitations to decorations. Think about what the parents are passionate about and let that shine through in the theme. If they love the great outdoors, then why not go for a woodland aesthetic?

When it comes to colour options, you can go bright and bold or with a minimalistic or monochrome theme. Feel free to get creative with it.

4. Decide who to invite

Remember, the number of guests you invite will depend on the space available at the venue. Of course, it should also depend on who the parents-to-be would like to be there. Make sure you work closely with them to finalise the guest list.

5. Set the date

Before you set the date, it’s a good idea to check the availability of key attendees, like the parents of the mother and father, well in advance. Once you know the availability of your guests, you can organise the date with the venue (if need be) and let all the attendees know.

6. Send out the invitations

Invitations should be sent out around three to six weeks before the event. This gives people enough time to respond and get a gift organised.

You can send out traditional invitations through the post or online, such as by email or over social media. Just remember to make sure the invitations match the theme, and include key details about the event, such as:

  • Where the baby shower will be
  • What time it will take place
  • The dress code
  • What to bring.

7. Put together a baby gift list

To help your guests pick out the perfect baby shower gifts, make sure you collect a wish list from the parents-to-be. You could even note down the names of any high street retailers who stock or specialise in baby items.

Alongside the clothes and toys, make sure you list out the essential items too, such as baby oil and baby powder. You may also want to include higher-priced items, so guests can purchase items individually or organise a larger gift together as a group.

8. Prepare the food and drink

Food and drinks don’t need to be elaborate. You can hire a caterer for the event or simply ask friends and family to bring along a food platter. You can even prepare things ahead of time and freeze or refrigerate it until the big day.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to consider any of your guests’ dietary requirements. You can ask them to notify you of any when they respond to the invites.

9. Decorate the venue

To set the tone for the baby shower, decorate the venue with balloons and banners. Again, make sure your baby shower decorations tie in with your theme.

10. Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun. If something unexpected happens, laugh it off. Parenthood isn’t about being perfect — it’s about love, and baby showers are a great way to share this love with family and friends.

Baby shower games

Baby shower games can make the day more fun and memorable. They also create an opportunity for everyone to get involved and celebrate the expectant parents. We’ve rounded up our top three baby shower games ideas that’ll be sure to impress your guests.

1. Baby shower bingo

Baby shower bingo involves asking each guest to write down what gifts they think the parents will receive. When each gift is opened, guests can mark it off their bingo card. The first to complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line and then call ‘bingo’ is the winner.

2. Who knows mummy best?

This trivia-style baby shower game gives friends and family the chance to prove who knows the mum-to-be the best. Find out as much as you can about them and test your guests with a series of questions.

3. Who’s that baby?

Before the big day, ask each one of your guests to send photos of themselves as a baby. (The more embarrassing, the better.) Then split the guests into teams and ask them to guess who each baby is.

What to wear to a baby shower

The attire for a baby shower is similar to any other kind of party. Smart casual is typically appropriate, but guests should be made aware of any themes or dress code prior to the baby shower (usually on the invite). This is especially important if group photographs are to take place.

Remember though, it’s most important to be comfortable and have fun.

Baby shower FAQs

When should I start planning a baby shower?

Traditionally, you should start planning a baby shower so it’s ready to be held around four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. This will give you enough time to be organise everything and to make sure the baby won’t be making an unexpected arrival.

What are some baby shower theme ideas?

It isn’t necessary to have a theme at your baby shower, but it can be a great way to inject some personality into your celebration. Some popular baby shower themes include:

  • Elephants
  • Balloons
  • Rainbows
  • Jungle safari.

How do I choose the right baby shower venue?

Your baby shower venue will depend on several factors, such as the number of guests you wish to invite and the theme. It should also take into consideration the expectant parents’ wishes and where they would feel most comfortable.

What are some baby gender reveal games?

One of the most popular baby gender reveal games involves asking friends and family members to guess whether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl. You can also have guests try and guess what the baby will be named if it’s a boy or a girl.

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