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Active Baby Care: Tips & Essential Products

Father kissing smiling baby

Active Baby Care: Tips & Essential Products

Tips and tricks to care for your baby.


Tips and tricks to care for your baby
Whether it’s during the bubble baths or the bedtime snuggles, we’re proud that our baby products can play a part of these special moments. From our NO MORE TEARS® washes and shampoos to our CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® lotions and oils, your bath and bedtime routines are sure to satisfy even the littlest of loves. Shop JOHNSON'S® baby products to find clinically proven formulas that are free from dyes, parabens, and sulphates.

Learn Our 3-Step Baby Bedtime Routine

parent giving baby massage

Baby Massage Basics

Just because your baby is getting bigger doesn’t mean they are growing out of their favourite rituals. Baby massage can help stimulate baby’s senses and aid in sensorial and emotional development. Check out some tips and tricks for keeping baby massage a special part of your daily routine.

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