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Playing & Learning with Your Baby

Playtime is more than just having fun with your little one. It’s a wonderful way to learn to communicate and bond with your baby while engaging their senses in a whole new way—helping to further nurture their happy, healthy development.

dad holding baby smiling

Seeing delight in your baby’s eyes and hearing them laugh are reasons enough to enjoy playing with them. However, there is an even better reason to enjoy playing with them, it also helps their development.

grandma holding baby

You may find that as your baby grows into a toddler, they have a lot more energy! Playtime is a great way to help them channel this energy and learn to interact with others both big and small.

father holding baby's hands

Soon your baby will start cruising around and learning to walk. Know how to help your baby get up and moving.

baby holding whisk

The more you share your love of learning, the more excited your child will be to learn too.

girl smiling park

Nature is the perfect playground for your baby, with so many things to touch and see, but it does have its dangers. Learn how to protect your baby while playing outside.

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