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Healthy Babies Rely on a Healthy Planet

At Johnson’s®, it’s our job to build for a better tomorrow. That’s why we’re committed to giving parents and caregivers gentle but effective product solutions for their babies, while also carefully crafting our formulas to be gentle on the environment. We are supporting a world where every baby can grow and thrive by choosing purposeful ingredients, improving the sustainability of our packaging, and giving back to our communities.

Pure And Gentle Ingredients

Did you know that we’ve reformulated our products inside and out to set a new standard for gentle in our region?¹

  • For babies, our strict ingredient selection process ensures our products are as pure and gentle as they are effective. Our liquid cleansers, hair care and lotions are up to 96% naturally derived and free from parabens, sulphates phthalates and dyes. In addition, we removed 50% of ingredients from our formulas² in 2019 to enhance our gentleness on baby skin and on the planet as a whole
  • To further support the environment, we use a U.S. patented system called the Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment Tool™ to help us formulate non-toxic and biodegradable products that are not harmful to aquatic life and ecosystems.​
  • Going forward, we will continue to innovate, with a focus on ingredient sourcing and biodegradability, ensuring that we are making careful choices with babies and the planet’s long-term health at the forefront of our decision-making.

Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that we’ve been making significant packaging changes that are making a difference in the fight against packaging waste in our region?¹

  • Over 95% of our bottles today are fully recyclable³ and we aim to get to 100% by the end of 2021.​
  • We will be saving over 60 tonnes of plastic waste each year by removing pump closures on many of our baby products from 2020 and replacing them with new, recyclable closures.
  • After being one of the first to move from plastic sticks in our cotton buds to paper sticks back in 2017, we will soon be saving the equivalent of 50 million carrier bags from our cotton buds outer packaging from 2021. This new outer packaging will be completely plastic free and made from recycled material.
  • From 2022, we will offer refill options and strive to introduce recycled plastics into our packaging to reduce carbon emissions and further optimize our supply chain

Our Community Impact

Did you know that JOHNSON’S® is committed to social responsibility and helping every baby thrive?​

  • For over 40 years, we’ve donated to leading global nursing and midwifery associations who play a critical role in every child’s start of life. JOHNSON’S® has been an Alliance Partner with the Royal College of Midwives for 16 years, supporting midwives in their work to care for mothers and newborn babies.​
  • At Johnson & Johnson we have partnered with Save the Children® for over 20 years on international efforts to provide healthcare, aid, and education to families in communities affected by crisis or poverty.
  • We also support the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child initiative, designed to improve the health and well-being of women and children around the world.​
  • Going forward,we plan to continue our extensive efforts to give every baby the healthiest start to life by continuing to partner with leading charities, NGOs, nurses and midwives around the world. We also have the ambition to launch more new local initiatives to best support communities where we are most present
  1. Region is Europe, Middle East & Africa
  2. Based on our global portfolio
  3. Based on annual internal sales data Mar ‘20

Our Johnson & Johnson Commitment

Our dedication to science, ingenuity and human health doesn’t stop with Johnson’s® baby products.​
Learn how our parent company, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, is creating sustainable products that help us all live healthier lives, on a healthier planet.

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