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Meet the Families



Rianna (27) and Kyle (26)

From: Bournemouth

Rianna and Kyle, who have been together for eight years, began trying for a baby with the mindset of ‘if it happens, it happens’. One year later, surprise baby girl Isabella was born. The couple, now engaged, share how they navigate the uncertainties on the journey of parenthood, and what they’ve found easier and more difficult than expected.

Becks (32) and Matt (33)

From: Greenwich

Becks and Matt, now engaged, met in London six years ago. They fell pregnant soon after trying and are our only family with twins! Baby girls Thea and Millie were born via emergency C-section, and have brought the couple a double dose of joy and hard work — especially when it comes to things like bath time, bedtime and breastfeeding.



K-Anna (31) and Hannah (33)

From: Havant, Hampshire

Ten years ago, K-Anna and Hannah met whilst working at a camp in the US for people with disabilities. Having always wanted a baby, they began the IVF process, and were overjoyed with the arrival of baby boy Amos. We follow the married couple from the challenges of the initial months, to finding balance and quality time as they settle into parenthood.

Gemma (41) and Mark (40)

From: Wrawby, North Lincolnshire

After three years together, Gemma and Mark welcomed baby girl Beatrix into their life following a difficult journey to pregnancy. They share the challenges they have faced with breastfeeding and managing clinical depression, and how they have supported each other through first-time parenthood.



Jo (34) and Tony (37)

From: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Together for seven years, Jo and Tony were delighted to welcome baby girl Imogen into their life after previously experiencing a miscarriage. With Tony’s work taking him away from home for long periods, Jo shares the challenges of being the sole caregiver during daddy’s trips — while Tony reminds himself that missing out on key moments is all worth it to provide for his family.

Sarah (34) and Michael (45)

From: Reading, Berkshire

Sarah and Michael, together for nearly a year, had been planning on starting a family in the near future when baby girl Margot came as an early, happy surprise. Sarah and Michael share what life has been like after the home birth, as they learn about parenting hands-on and find reassurance in Margot developing along her own schedule.



Nakita (25) and Liam (26)

From: Thornby, Bristol

After nearly five years together, Nakita and Liam welcomed baby boy Kairo into their life. The couple share how Nakita overcame mental health challenges during pregnancy and discovered support, whilst Liam stepped up to the realities of fatherhood. Through it all, they praise each other for doing an amazing job.

Emma (33) and Mark (32)

From: Inverness, Scotland

Childhood sweethearts Emma and Mark have been together for 17 years, and overcame a difficult journey of multiple miscarriages and IVF rounds before welcoming baby boy Roman into their life. The inspirational couple give us a look into Roman’s first months, as Mark juggles family time with his career as a professional footballer, and Emma finds support from nearby family and other new mums.


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