Why explore

Say NO! to dirt and germs.
Say YES! to exploring.
The JOHNSON'S® brand understands the need to nurture a toddler's desire to explore while protecting their delicate skin from dirt and germs. For more than 125 years, JOHNSON'S® has researched and developed products to help you care for your child's delicate skin. New JOHNSON'S ® Gentle Protect Wipes has been specially developed to effectively clean to protect from dirt & germs while being gentle to your toddler's delicate skin.

Why explore?
Exploring is an essential part of healthy and happy development for your toddler. Exploring nurtures your toddler's curiosity and aids in crucial toddler brain development by creating situations and engaging them in activities in which they can use all five senses to discover the world around them. Touch has been found to help support a toddler's growth and development, including improved cognitive performance and increased alertness.