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Science of the Senses™ at Primary Care conference 2016

The JOHNSON’S® brand attended the 2016 Primary Care conference with a dedicated interactive ‘sensory unit’ to showcase Science of the Senses™ and the ‘journey through the baby’s senses’.

The ‘sensory unit’ enabled attendees to SEE ‘what a baby sees’, HEAR ‘what a baby hears’, SMELL ‘what a baby smells’ and TOUCH ‘what a baby feels’, via a series of interactive experiences:

Latest News - Sensory Unit - JOHNSON’S® BABY

Baby skincare myths were also showcased on JOHNSON’S® brand stand, for example:

Oil or Nothing PDF - JOHNSON’S® BABY

Please visit the 'Baby skincare Myths' section for more common infant skincare questions and evidence-based responses.

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