Stimulate your baby during bathtime


10 wonderful tips to help stimulate your baby during bathtime

1. Give baby bubbles

Babies love playing with bubbles. They discover objects they can barely see, just like magic for babies.  Plus it helps them to develop better hand-eye coordination – between giggles!

2. Create a heaven of touch and scent

Nice smells at bath time, when combined with love and a caring touch, creates happy memories for baby which can last forever.

3. Love the baby talk

You love chatting to baby and baby’s brain loves it too. Children who are talked with often know more words by the time they are just 2 years old.

4. Play music, make memories

Play happy music and sing songs to add to bath time fun. It stimulates baby’s brain in a remarkable way, helping to create happy memories.

5. Show baby how to splash

Splashing around in the bath is great for babies and their busy little arms making waves can help them to learn cause and effect.  It’s fun too!

6. Have varied chats

Incredibly, the number of words that little ones hear before they turn 3 has been linked to future academic success. Another happy bonus from your loving bath time chats.

7. Scent your bath for better bonding

Bathing your baby in fragranced bath can be wonderful for the parent-child bond. Studies showed that babies bathed with a scented product displayed 30% more engagement cues with their parent after the bath. That’s real quality time.

8. Stay totally hands on

We know you and baby love being close. Research has also shown that routine touch and massage help develop self-confidence and the ability to relate to others.

9 - Add scented products to soothe to sleep

A scented splash-around settles and soothes.  Wash baby with a fragranced bath product and your little one may spend around 25% less time crying before sleep.

10 - Remember: bath, massage, bed

Massage and touch can improve baby’s sleep quality and keep baby happily sleeping for longer, so make it part of your family bedtime routine.