Exploring with your toddler

JOHNSON'S® Gentle Protect wipes gently yet effectively wipes away dirt & germs. Your little ones can play and explore, using their senses to develop their cognitive development, whilst you can help keep them clean and protected.

Toddlers are just starting to discover how this big, exciting and complicated world works, using their bodies to explore everything from the kitchen floor to the sandbox. Playtime gets to be even more fun with toddlers. They are in full discovery mode and learning to communicate better with gestures, sounds and words. In addition, they are learning to stand on their own two feet and walk both forwards and backwards.
Even better, soon they'll be running, jumping and climbing. They'll also use their fingers and hands to explore in more complex ways (so make sure you are ready for some exercise). Every child has a different style of exploring. Some toddlers are very action orientated. Others will enjoy a calmer play and get great pleasure from quiet playtime.