The results in more detail

  • Babies fell asleep more quickly
    •  On average, babies fell asleep 37% faster when using the 3-step routine 
  • Babies slept for longer
    •  On average, babies slept longer when using the 3-step routine 
  • Babies woke less frequently and for shorter periods
    •  There were over one third (38%) fewer night-time awakenings, and the amount of time babies spent awake was almost halved (49%) 
  • Mums felt less fatigued and more energetic
    •  Mums also experienced a greater feeling of control and toddler bedtimes in particular were reported as 'easier' on a scale of 1-5. 


Extended clinical study on 405 mothers and their infant or toddler published in:
Mindell, J, Telofski L, Wiegland B et al. A Nightly Bedtime Routine: Impact on Sleep in Young Children and Maternal Mood. 2009, SLEEP, 32(5):599-606